martes, 7 de mayo de 2013



“Margie and I hate being homeschooled. We don’t understand why you would choose to be homeschooled. Wouldn’t you have more fun and friends in a school? Also, wouldn’t you learn more?

Several people believe that homeschooling is not a viable alternative because it does not allow students to improve their knowledge nor to make more friends. However, this is one of the many misconceptions about homeschooling. Undoubtedly, homeschooling provides students several benefits. For instance, since I started working at the local Natural History Museum, I have improved my knowledge. I am saying this because I have learned a lot of interesting things related to Biology. As you can see, children learn best without textbooks, schedules, and tests. Furthermore, I have met a lot of people with whom I interact all the time.  Sometimes I play basketball with a homeschooled team. Not only that, but also I began running in community races at age 13 in order to keep my body in shape. I hope the number of homeschooling teenagers continues increasing.                                                                                                                                  

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